Jordan Cooke

I grew up going to church, but when I came to college at N.C. State, I quickly found what I thought was freedom from a belief system that had impacted my mind but not really my heart. I knew things about God, but I didn't really KNOW God.

So, I did what I see more and more college students doing these days - I "put God on a shelf," so to speak, and began pursuing other interests -- things that I thought would bring me satisfaction at the time. I became apathetic about God, although I thought surely I would pick Him back up later.

Praise God that He did not give up on me! God used PEOPLE, just like me, to show me that true satisfaction, true purpose, true love can only be found in a personal relationship with Him.

It's been my desire since then to see college students -- those who will be our future leaders around the world -- move from a position of knowledge (or supposed knowledge) about God to a position of radical passion for Him. I want to see generations raised up to fulfill the task that God has given us, to reach the world with the good news of Jesus Christ!