Lee Gordon Full
As third of eleven kids, I learned very quickly how to share my stuff.  From soccer balls to beds, everything was fair game. One night while I was laying in bed, my brother told me I was going to hell because I disobey our parents. Luckily, he finished his thought the next day by telling me that Jesus came to die in my place so I could be restored to God. That day I chose to believe it was true.

I entered college several years later at Florida State University.  My freshman year I was surrounded by roommates and classmates who were going after alcohol, girls, and partying for their fulfillment. Was that what I should do too? I quickly realized they weren't finding what they were looking for. My hope, joy, and purpose came from my relationship with God. I didn't want to give that up. Not only that, I wanted share with everyone around me that God wants a rich, fulfilling relationship with them too.

I got to play a role in Seminole Christian Life, a campus church committed to training and equipping students in disciple making, getting planted at Florida State.

After graduating, I moved down to South Florida to work as a Water Treatment Engineer for two years. God opened up the opportunity for me to return to Florida State to work with leadership development and community building with Seminole Christian Life. After lots of wrestling, I jumped in with both feet...and love it.

I now work on staff with a team on campus here at Florida State. I get to share my volleyball, food, house...but even better...Christ with students everyday. I am excited to see our church become a solid sending community that church plants can be sent out across the Southeast and across the world.