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Why consider a LiNC Launch?

Over the last seven years, our stateside LiNC projects have helped hundreds of students and young professionals build a stronger foundation of faith. These projects, like our international projects in the Dominican Republic (2011-present) and Spain (2014), have helped our participants grow stronger in character, ministry skill and doctrine.

A key difference between our stateside and international projects has been the amount of time participants in the U.S. have been able to devote to intentional outreach on or near the neighboring college campus during the daytime hours. (Our U.S. participants are typically required to find full-time employment to help them earn money for the following school year and to teach them how to be gospel-minded both inside and outside of the workplace.)

For the first time this year, we are launching alternative stateside LiNC projects in which all participants will be full-time missionaries, sent out to bolster a recent church plant in the Southeast!

You could be a part of building God's kingdom in a way you've never experienced before. Might it be time for you to consider this bold new step of faith?

**Note: LiNC Launch projects are ideal for, but not limited to, returning LiNC participants who have completed a Home Base project. Talk with your local pastor or any of our LiNC staff about which project might be best for you.

Meet the Staff

Berk Wilson

Berk received a BS in animal science from Clemson University, took classes in pursuit of a Masters Degree in nutrition dairy science from Clemson University and has taken seminary courses through Moody Bible Institute. He is currently a pastor at Grace Church at NC State University.

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Robbie McAlister

A native South Carolinian, Robbie is a former engineer who now serves as a pastor at Riverbend Community Church in Lexington, S.C. He and his wife, Criss, have three sons.

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Jordan Cooke

Jordan is an alumnus of N.C. State, having received a B.A. in English (Journalism) in 2003. He is currently serving as Communications Director for Great Commission Southeast and oversees many of the logistical details of LINC.

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