Berk Wilson

I was heading to veterinary school, but while I was in grad school, God impressed upon me that He loved animals, but He died for people. This changed my purpose in life, and I chose to pursue the ministry.

While pastoring a community church, my wife and I began to hear very similar stories from the young couples and singles visiting our church. They were struggling with their marriage, work ethic and general integrity. When we asked them about their view of God and the Bible, this was the often-repeated phrase, "I used to take God and the Bible seriously until I came to college. It was then that I put God on the shelf."

Hearing this, we decided to focus our attention on college students and internationals. We wanted to give a firm foundation to people who were in the crossroads of their life. We devoted ourselves to church planting and leadership development, both in the U.S. and overseas. We began a church at N.C. State University in the fall of 1994.

Our desire is to see men and women have a desire to love God and make disciples of all nations through the local church when they leave N.C. State.