When am I expected to arrive at LINC?

With our revamped format, both our stateside and international projects will begin with a "Boot Camp" that will equip all participants with a common training curriculum. The training received during the LiNC Boot Camp will be key for all project participants for the remainder of the LiNC project to which they apply.

In light of this, all LiNC participants are expected to arrive at LINC on the opening day of the Boot Camp on May 15.

We understand that circumstances may arise that would hinder a participant from arriving at LINC on the opening day of the project. However, for the sake of focus and unity, we ask all participants to commit to being at LINC from start to finish.

Please discuss any plans you may have made in advance with the project director before LINC begins.

How will our days be structured at LINC?

HOME BASE: Orlando, FL
For a majority of those participating in our stateside LINC project, the daytime hours (typically 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) will be spent working a job. [See next question, below, for more on this.]

Our days typically begin early with a time of corporate prayer. Weekday evenings are designed to be a time of valuable teaching and training in doctrine, character development and ministry skill, or how and why to share your faith with others and serve the church.

Although the exact schedule each year is left to the discretion of the project directors, participants are usually given one full day of rest (Sabbath) each week, with no project-related activities scheduled on that day. Typically, our Sabbath day is on Sunday.

Unlike our LiNC Home Base participants, those taking part in our LiNC Launch project(s) will not be working a job during the daytime hours. [See related question, below]

Days will typically begin with personal devotional time and discipleship training. The majority of the day -- 6+ hours -- will be spent engaging in spiritual conversations with students and others on the local campus.

Evenings will be primarily devoted to following up people reached during the daytime hours, either doing discovery Bible studies with non-believers or training believers to be more effective disciples and disciple-makers.

Why must I get a job? (Home Base only)

Your job will essentially be your primary ministry “assignment” for the summer. Our hope is that you will learn to connect with people at your job and, in the process, connect them with Christ.

Exceptions to the job requirement may be made for those who want or need to take summer classes or those who apply and are accepted as interns for LINC. (See related questions on this page.)

How can I find a job or internship? (Orlando only)

We are very excited to announce that LiNC participants at our Home Base project in Orlando will have the assurance of a summer job at Fun Spot, a local amusement park. Those participating in LINC Orlando are not required to work at Fun Spot, but other LINC participants have had a very positive experience working there.

Alternatively, you may want to search for an internship in your field of study. While we cannot guarantee you an internship, there are many great companies in the area, including Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Orlando Health, that may have available internships.

Should you, as a LINC participant, decide to seek employment on your own, please keep in mind that it is to your benefit not to wait to begin looking for a summer job or internship. Many employers prefer to hire summer help late in the spring so their employees can hit the ground running at the start of summer. Internships are typically filled by the end of February.

Searching online through sites like Monster or similar sites can sometimes be helpful. Participants may also contact one of our local pastors or staff members for help establishing contacts in the area.

Can I take summer classes while at LINC?

The simple answer is yes.

Keep in mind, however, that you are fully responsible for paying the FULL cost of participating in LINC, whether you are employed or enrolled as a student. For the sake of preparing for the future, you may want to find a part-time job as well, but that is up to you. You will be expected to practice good time management skills and continue to be engaged in all project-related activities.

Is it possible to be an intern with the summer project?

Yes! As a LINC intern, you can gain valuable ministry experience by taking on a significant leadership role on the project. You’ll work directly with the staff team to disciple students and plan and coordinate project events.

If you are interested in becoming a LINC intern, please talk with your local pastor(s) before applying.

What do my parents need to know?

Please see our 'Parents' page for the answer to this question.

Will I be allowed to leave LINC for a weekend or even a week?

We understand that LiNC, especially the Home Base project, is a big time investment and that the need may arise for a participant to leave the summer project for a short period of time. However, for the sake of focus, we ask all participants to commit to being at LINC for the duration of the project.

Please discuss any plans you may have made in advance with the project director before LINC begins.

For their personal safety, once on site, participants must notify the project director in person of any plans to leave the project city for any reason.