How much does LiNC cost?

We aim to keep LiNC as affordable as possible, and LiNC remains one of the cheapest summer projects around. The cost of our summer projects is as follows:

Home Base (Orlando): $2000

LiNC Launch: various

Please note that the costs listed above do not include the application fee. See the related question below for more info on this fee.

What is covered by the cost of LiNC?

A majority of the cost of LiNC covers a participant’s housing and food. The remainder is used to provide training materials for participants and to cover additional project expenses.

How can I pay for LINC?

1. Raise Support
The most common method used by our participants is raising support, or asking friends, relatives and others to support the work the Lord wants to use you to do at LINC by committing to pray for you and/or by giving financially toward your project expenses.

We encourage participants to raise support because it builds their faith and allows them to save money earned from their summer job for the following school year.

Should you choose to raise support, your local church staff will be glad to discuss the process with you once you have applied for LINC and been accepted.

2. Pay from the earnings of your summer job

3. Pay out-of-pocket
Although it is rare, some participants choose to pay for the cost of LINC up front from prior earnings. Those who may choose to take summer classes in lieu of working a job also use this method of payment.

When must I pay for LINC?

LiNC is a not-for-profit initiative funded exclusively by our participants and select other donors who choose to contribute to the ministry. In light of this, we maintain a tight budget each year and depend on our participants to be faithful in fulfilling their obligation to contribute to the costs of running the projects.

It is our policy that ALL LiNC participants fulfill their financial obligation prior to the end of the project to which they are assigned. Exceptions may be made in cases of unforeseen financial hardship or other special circumstances, at the sole discretion of the LiNC staff.

Are there any project-specific financial policies?

Home Base (Orlando): Participants will get a payment schedule prior to their arrival at LiNC. All project participants are expected to make payments on time. We reserve the right to send a participant home at any time if they do not submit payment on time. It is the participant's responsibility to communicate with LiNC staff if they are experiencing a financial hardship.

LiNC Launch Dominican Republic: Participants in any international LiNC program are expected to pay their program costs IN FULL before departing for their project location. It is very important that our international participants plan ahead to ensure that they are able to meet this expectation.

Stateside LiNC Launches: Participants in our stateside LiNC Launch projects are expected to pay a minimum of 60% of their project costs before arriving at their project location. The remaining balance will be due no later than 2 weeks into the project.

Where should I send my payments? (Read carefully!)

If you are paying out of pocket for any portion of your total project expenses, including the application fee* and/or the initial deposit*, you can pay online or please make a check payable to:

Cypress Church LiNC

Mail to:
Cypress Church LINC
c/o Grace Community Church
PO Box 33692
Raleigh, NC, 27636


All participants who choose to raise support should do so through their local church. Your local church staff is equipped to provide you with training and administrative support during the support raising process.

Please be clear with donors that their checks should be made payable to your LOCAL CHURCH, not to LINC.

Your local church will be responsible for submitting a check or checks on your behalf to cover your project expenses. Please note, however, that it is your responsibility as a project participant to maintain communication with your local church in regards to donations submitted on your behalf.

If you have not raised enough funds to cover a payment or payments, you, not your local church or LINC, will be ultimately responsible for making any outstanding payments.

How do I pay the application fee?

The application fee is a separate fee; it is not included in a participant's project costs.

You may pay the application fee online (see to the right) or by check.

The amount of your application fee is determined by the date on which you applied, based on the following timeline:

   On or before Dec. 1  --  FREE
   On or before Feb. 1  --  $25
   On or before Apr. 15  --  $50

Mail payment to the following address:

   Cypress Church LINC
   c/o Grace Community Church
   PO Box 33692
   Raleigh, NC, 27636

If sending cash, please include a note inside the envelope with the participant's name and the project for which they are applying.

What is the initial deposit, and how do I pay it?

The initial deposit is like a down payment that helps secure your spot in LINC housing. The deposit, once paid, is deducted from your balance due.

   Example: Sue plans to attend LINC Orlando. Her deposit of $200, once paid,
   is deducted from the overall cost of the project ($2000). This leaves Sue with
   a balance of $1800.

We ask that participants pay the initial deposit as soon as possible but no later than April 1. Mail deposit payments to the following address:

   Cypress Church LINC
   c/o Grace Community Church
   PO Box 33692
   Raleigh, NC, 27636