We are excited that your son or daughter is considering taking part in LiNC! We firmly believe that this is one of the most valuable things a college student can do with his or her summer. These students are given a rare opportunity to develop skills, leadership abilities and character traits that will become part of the foundation of who they will be for a lifetime.

We desire that you be informed about our summer mission projects and what they involve. We support you, both as a parent and in your role as a guide and guardian of your child. We encourage you to explore the information on this site and contact us with any questions or questions you may have.


Laborers Impacting Nations for Christ (LiNC) is a ministry of Cypress Church in Gainesville, Florida. Cypress Church is a member of Great Commission Churches (GCC), an association that has its roots in the Great Commission church movement that began in 1970. This movement has had a focus on planting and building churches that are devoted to Jesus Christ and fulfilling the Great Commission: "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." (Matthew 28:19,20)

Ministries and churches affiliated with GCC are evangelical in doctrine and practice, holding to the basic truths of orthodox, protestant Christianity. Click here to read the GCC Statement of Faith. GCC is a member of the National Association of Evangelicals.


What does the cost of the trip pay for?

Home Base (Orlando): The base cost of our stateside project includes housing and food costs as well as project materials (Bible studies, notebooks, evangelistic materials, etc.) and special project activities.

LiNC Launches: The base cost of our LiNC Launch projects primarily covers the cost of housing, food and in-country transportation. The price also helps to offset costs for tracts and literature, administration and project setup. Airfare for our international Launch in the Dominican Republic is not included in the base price.

How will my son/daughter get the money for their trip?

Each student accepted to LiNC has the opportunity to grow their faith by trusting God to provide the financial resources needed to attend project. Although it is not a requirement of LiNC that students raise support, we do encourage students to consider it for two primary reasons: 1. It is a tremendous opportunity for them to trust God to provide for a specific need, and 2. Doing so will allow your student to save more of what they earn from their summer job.

We will provide great resources to help your student learn how to invite others to partner with them this summer, both by giving financially and praying for them. Each of our staff members at LiNC has experience building a team of ministry partners, and God has provided for them as well as for students who have attended LiNC in previous years.

If you have any questions about the support raising process or any other financial matters related to LiNC, feel free to contact our LiNC staff.


We understand that communication is key. Once your son or daughter has been accepted to a project, they will receive a welcome packet from their project leadership team with information they will need and you most likely will want to know. If you and your student have questions not answered in this packet, we encourage you to contact the directors by e-mail or phone. Their contact info will be included in the welcome packet.

How do I communicate with my son or daughter while they are on project?

We know that simply hearing your son or daughter’s voice can ease your mind, so we encourage students to call home when they arrive at their project location. Many will be able to also touch base via phone, e-mail or video chat throughout the summer as resources and time allow.

Can my son or daughter leave project during the summer?

In order to preserve students’ ability to focus at LiNC and maintain unity with the team, we ask that all students who have been accepted to be a part of the project make themselves available for the entire summer. We generally do not allow students to leave the project for overnight trips due to safety concerns, and in light of project activities.

Students are allowed to attend family reunions, weddings, etc., but we do ask that they discuss their plans with the project directors. If you have questions about this policy, please contact the project directors.

Can I visit my student on project?

Yes, of course. We do require that students notify the project directors or an appropriate staff member of any visitors to the project. We understand and respect your desire as a parent to spend personal time with your son or daughter while visiting LiNC but would encourage and invite you to join them during project activities. This allows you to experience LINC with them and allows them to continue to focus on the mission.